PhD Studentship Available in New Modelling Approaches for Guided Wave Vibration Techniques Applied to Hidden Tamper Detection


The School of Mathematics invites applications for a 3.5-year funded PhD in continuum mechanics and modelling. The project is due to commence in September 2014 and is run jointly with an industrial partner. The studentship covers UK/EU tuition fees, research expenses and an annual tax-free stipend at UK Research Council rates (£13, 863pa in 2014/15). The studentship is open to UK nationals only and applicants must have 10 years of continuous residency within the UK.

Suppose that a container is constructed from a material of known properties. Furthermore we suppose that the container has been tampered with, by making a hole in a container wall, but that this hole has been repaired in such a way that there is no visual evidence to suggest its presence. By the application of a transducer to generate elastic waves, and the observation of the evolution/scattering of these waves, the aim is to (i) indicate that a container has been tampered with and (ii) indicate a location for the tampered area for further inspection. A longer term challenge for industry is to improve the container design and material properties such that tampering becomes more difficult to conceal. The scientific challenge lies in three main areas: (i) scattering prediction and analysis of existing experimental data, (ii) tamper modelling, and (iii) the enhancement of tamper detection by making informed choices regarding wave and material (container) properties.

The successful candidate will be based within the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester but will also be required to make regular visits the site of the industrial sponsor. The candidate will be expected to undertake a minimum of 100 hours of broadening training during their PhD, which will be provided via courses within the School and the Mathematics Access Grid (MAGIC).

Please use the usual procedure to apply and attach a CV to your application. Make sure that you state the name of the project within the research proposal section, and mention Dr Richard Hewitt, Dr William Parnell or Dr Raphael Assier as potential supervisors.

If you already have an offer with the school and you are interested in this particular project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dr Richard Hewitt for further discussion. Deadline for applications is 30th July 2014.

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