PhD Studentship Available for Project "Algorithms for Large-Scale Matrix Problems".

The School of Mathematics invites applications for a 3.5-year PhD studentship in Numerical Linear Algebra. The project is due to commence in September 2015 and is funded by The MathWorks, the developers of MATLAB.

The aim of the project is to develop algorithms and software for the numerical solution of large-scale matrix problems, particularly those arising in network analysis, and to develop new matrix scaling techniques with the aim of obtaining more accurate solutions to linear systems and eigenvalue problems.

The studentship covers tuition fees, research expenses and provides an annual tax-free stipend at UK Research Council rates (£13,863pa in 2014/15) plus a supplement of £2,500pa.

The project provides an excellent opportunity to work with The MathWorks developers and will include the opportunity to take a summer internship at MathWorks.

Candidates should have strong mathematical, communication and programming skills.

The successful candidate will be based within the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester in the Numerical Linear Algebra Group. The candidate will be expected to undertake a minimum of 100 hours of broadening training during their PhD, which will be provided via courses within the School and the Mathematics Access Grid (MAGIC).

For more information please contact Professor Nick Higham or Professor Françoise Tisseur, who are the joint academic advisors on the project.

Please use the usual procedure to apply and attach a CV to your application. Make sure that you state the name of the project within the research proposal section, and mention Professors Higham and Tisseur as potential supervisors.

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