PhD student wins Poster Prize!

PhD student Francisco Rocha wins Poster Prize at the British Society of Rheology meeting

Francisco Rocha
Francisco Rocha

The British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter Meeting 2017 on the "Rheology and flow of multiphase geological materials" took place at the Engineers House at the University of Bristol on 18-19th December 2017.


Francisco Rocha won the prize for the best student poster at the meeting. The prize, which is sponsored by the British Society of Rheology and TA Instruments, entitles Francisco to attend an international research meeting of his choice.


Francisco presented results on the "Granular fingering instability". This is a complex problem which involves feedback of the evolving particle-size distribution within a granular avalanche on the bulk flow. Frontal regions with high concentrations of larger more frictional grains move slower than finer grained regions, leading to the formation of flow fingers that grow and coarsen with time. The wavelength of the flow fingers is set by the rheology of the granular material -- a subject that is still very open.


Anyone interested in related PhD research projects should contact Chris Johnson or Nico Gray

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