PhD student Wins Best Paper Award at Prestigious Conference

Martin Wiegand, a 3rd year student working with Dr Saralees Nadarajah's group, has won the 2018 Best Student Paper Award of The 2018 IAENG International Conference on Data Mining and Applications

Martin Wiegand
Martin Wiegand

The International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists was hosted by the IAENG (International Association of Engineers) and took place in Hong Kong earlier this year.  There were several subcategories within the conference, which focused on all kinds of different areas in engineering. Martin's talk was entitled "A Series Representation for Multidimensional Rayleigh Distributions", and was held in the category "Data Mining and Applications", since Martin's group focuses on statistical problems in many different application areas.

According to the conference website, the candidate papers were judged on originality, significance, correctness and clarity.  The number of submissions received and reviewed was 608 and came from all over the world so this is quite an achievement.  Well done Martin!

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