PhD student James Rynn wins student prize at Numerical Analysis Conference 2017

The 27th Biennial Conference on Numerical Analysis took place at the University of Strathclyde from June 27-30th 2017. The three best student presentations at the conference were recognized through prizes sponsored by the UK and Ireland section of SIAM.

James Rynn won a prize for his student presentation at the conference

We are delighted to announce that of the three prize winners this year the School of Mathematics'  James Rynn, won prize for his presentation entitled "Using Surrogate Models to Accelerate Bayesian Inverse Uncertainty Quantification".

James is currently a second year PhD student working in Uncertainty Quantification in the Numerical Analysis group of the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. His area of research is 'Efficient Inverse Uncertainty Quantification for PDEs with Uncertain Data'. James is the recipient of a Smith Institute CASE studentship award part funded by the National Physical Laboratory (Teddington, UK). His academic supervisors are Dr Catherine Powell and Dr Simon Cotter, James' industrial supervisor is Louise Wright. James' research interests include Bayesian Inverse Problems, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Finite Element Methods and Stochastic Galerkin Finite Element Methods. 



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