Operationalising Modern Mathematical Epidemiology

This month Liz Buckingham-Jeffery is joining School of Maths' Dr Thomas House and Tim Kinyanjui to complete the team for the EPSRC-funded project Operationalising Modern Mathematical Epidemiology

From left to right: Dr Thomas House, Liz Buckingham-Jeffery and Tim Kinyanjui

The project is about development of some recent ideas developed by mathematical scientists to generate benefits in the healthcare system. On board with this are non-academic partners from three major Manchester hospitals  (Central Manchester, North Manchester and the Christie), Public Health England's national Real-time Syndromic Surveillance group, and a data analytics firm Spectra Analytics.

The first papers from this project are starting be be submitted, and an ambitious programme of research and impact-related activity is planned for the next couple of years to ensure that the potential benefits to population health from theoretical developments are realised.

This work forms part of the Healthcare Technologies Impact Fellowship that Thomas House holds.

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