Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Lectures

The Ollerenshaw Lecture is a prestigious annual lecture in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester, named in honour and recognition of Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw.

Born in Manchester, Dame Kathleen took her degree at Oxford University and has since combined mathematics research with politics, in which sphere she has been Mayor of Manchester and an advisor on education to Margaret Thatcher's government. She is probably best known in mathematics for her work on magic squares, but also has a formidable reputation as an astronomer, and the observatory at the University of Lancaster bears her name. She is passionately committed to encouraging interest in mathematics amongst young people. She has been deaf since the age of eight, and is an inspiring role model to many. Dame Kathleen, who holds honorary degrees from both the Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST, has been a long-standing friend and supporter of mathematics at Manchester, with an especially strong association with UMIST, and has continued to show strong interest and support for the new University of Manchester and the vision behind the '2015 Agenda'.

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