New Starter Sean Prendiville

Welcoming Sean Prendiville as Turing Fellow in Pure Mathematics

Sean Prendiville

We had a chat with Dr. Sean Prendiville, who started his Turing Fellowship in Pure Mathematics at the School of Mathematics in September 2016. 

Welcome to the School, Sean! What were you doing before coming to The University of Manchester?

Thanks, it's great to be here. I worked as a Post-doctoral Researcher in Oxford, in the research group of Ben Green. Before that, I worked with Tim Browning at The University of Bristol.

And what are you working on here at Manchester?

I'm working on a relatively new area called ‘additive combinatorics’.  Broadly interpreted, the field is concerned with statistics of subsets of groups.  For example, in how many ways can one write an integer as the sum of two primes?  The study of such questions has been fruitful in number theory and group theory.  More surprisingly, there have been applications in theoretical computer science and dynamical systems.

That sounds really interesting. What are you enjoying most about your Fellowship so far?

I've loved teaching a foundation-year course on arithmetic and calculus. I've been experimenting with the interactive quiz app, Kahoot, which has been fun, especially with such highly motivated students. I also really like where the campus itself is situated - the buzz of Oxford Road is great, especially the food - I've been enjoying lunch from a different country of the world each day of the week!

Yes, we would definitely agree that the Alan Turing Building is in a great location! What are your interests outside of work?

I'm keen on bouldering (small rock climbing), particularly on the outcrops and quarries of Lancashire. In the past, I have enjoyed writing songs and soundtracking short films.

We would like to wish Sean good luck in his new role!

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