New Starter Paul Sudworth

Welcoming Paul Sudworth to the School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics takes on two apprentices every year from The Skills Company. This year, we welcome Paul Sudworth to the department. Paul started with us in September and has been busy within the PGT Admissions Team while working towards his Business Administration NVQ Level 2. We caught up with him to see how he was finding life in the School of Maths.

Hi Paul, welcome! Firstly, what appealed to you about undertaking your apprenticeship here at The University of Manchester?

There was a lot of things that interested me about working here, but the University's reputation was certainly up there. It's one of the biggest and best Universities in the world, and its reputation for world-leading research makes it a very well established centre for education. Learning about the different jobs at the University (and the sheer number of them!) encouraged me to apply and I'm really proud to say I'm undertaking my apprenticeship at The University of Manchester!

We're very pleased to have you! How are you finding your new role as a PGT Admissions Assistant?

There are many aspects of my role that I love but the area through which I derive the most enjoyment is having the pleasure of working with such innovative and delightful colleagues. I have built excellent working relationships and feel comfortable asking for help with tasks and advice about wider professional issues. I'm really enjoying it so far. 

That's fantastic, we're glad you're enjoying it! What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

First thing in the morning, I usually download new PGT applications, and transport the information onto the relevant spreadsheets. Once this has been completed, I'll get to work on maintaining the inbox and update application statuses on our spreadsheets and the university system. My last task is to verify English Language qualifications, before sending applicants an acknowledgement that we have received their application. The rest of my day will be delegated to either completing apprenticeship assignments or supporting the wider Admissions and External Relations Team. 

You certainly sound very busy. How do you find balancing your admissions and apprenticeship work?

Working within Admissions is very busy and my responsibilities are varied. I am working with an abundance of different university systems that I previously have never had access before, so it's essential I keep up to date with all my training. 

However, I do try to remain enthusiastic about all my tasks throughout the day. Working within such a helpful team definitely improves my productivity levels, and I feel comfortable sharing ideas with my colleagues and asking for help with my apprenticeship coursework or Admissions tasks if I do need it. It's challenging but a great learning experience that will equip me for the wider world of work.

We wish Paul success with the remainder of his apprenticeship. 

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