Meeting 26 June 2017 Lévy processes and anomalous diffusion

This one day meeting on Levy Processes and Anomalous Diffusion will take place in the School of Mathematics at the University of Manchester.

This one-day meeting will take place on 26 June in the Alan Turing Building

This highly beneficial meeting aims to bring together researchers and PhD students working on the theory and applications of

Lévy processes and related applications of fractional Laplacian and anomalous diffusion. The speakers are:

Pedro Aceves Sancho (Imperial)

Sergei Fedotov (Manchester)

Christina Goldschmidt (Oxford)

Yanghong Huang (Manchester)

Andreas Kyprianou (Bath)

Sara Merino-Aceituno (Imperial)

Alex Watson (Manchester)


Details about the conference can be found at


There is a limited amount of funds available to cover travel expenses of UK- based research students. Please contact for further details. The meeting issupported by an LMS conference grant and a grant from the Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences.


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