Maths Postgraduate wins Student Presentation Prize at BAMC 2014

David Nigro at BAMC 2014

Manchester postgraduate student David Nigro (pictured, on the left, with poster winner Radu Cimpeanu) has been awarded a Student Presentation Prize at the BAMC 2014 for his talk, “Low Mach number flow noise from a two-dimensional rough circular cylinder”.

The British Applied Mathematics Colloquium is an annual multidisciplinary meeting for UK applied mathematicians. It covers the whole range of applied mathematics and provides an opportunity for early career researchers and postgraduate students to present their work in an encouraging setting and to establish links with other academics. It also provides an annual forum for the wider applied mathematics community to discuss issues of importance affecting them and to feedback views to decision makers.

The UK/RoI SIAM Student Presentation Prizes are awarded to the students who make the most outstanding presentations at a particular conference. This award is based solely on the presentation and content of the students' contribution to the meeting. The purpose of the Student Presentation Prizes is to recognise outstanding scholarship by students in industrial and applied mathematics.

There were five prizes, four for best talks and one for best poster. This year there were 70 students talks given during the event.

Further details and the full list of prize winners can be found here.

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