Mathematics student awarded Manchester Doctoral College Best Contribution to PGR Environment or Society Award 2014.

David Ward (far left) with others during a recent Student Action event.

The School of Mathematics was delighted to learn that one of our PhD students, David Ward (pictured far left during a recent Student Action trip), has been awarded the Manchester Doctoral College Best Contribution to PGR Environment or Society Award 2014. David is very well known for his fantastic work in the community; his citation for this award is as follows:

'The Best Contribution to PGR Environment or Society Award recognises outstanding achievement/contribution of an individual towards the postgraduate environment or society (whether this is at a local, national or international level). Members of the Manchester Doctoral College Committee were impressed by the significant contributions you have made to several voluntary charity projects over the years and the dedication you have demonstrated. You are an inspirational role model to others and it is clear that you are truly committed to the local community and the people you work with.'

Speaking about his award, David Said; ‘I was surprised to hear that I'd received this award. No single person deserves an award like this, but rather it should be a chance to celebrate the great work that so many people do in their spare time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

I am blessed to be able to spend time with a number of wonderful groups working within the local community and to help them and be helped by them on a weekly basis. Seeing others and yourself grow through such work is a truly amazing experience and I would thoroughly recommend it.’

David is currently working with three charitable organisations in the Greater Manchester area and further details about the work they do in the community can be found via the below links.

Student Action - We're a volunteering organisation that gives students opportunities to participate and manage their own community projects. There are a huge number of different projects to get involved with that help make a meaningful and beneficial contribution to people in the local community.

We aim to empower students giving you all the support you need to go out and make a real difference to the local community in Greater Manchester.Since all our projects are student led, we encourage anyone to come forward with their own project ideas.

L’Arche - An international movement which builds faith based communities, with people with learning disabilities, all over the world. Our communities here in the UK support people with learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

The Catholic Fellowship – A charitable organisation for the support and welfare of children and adults with physical, sensory and learning disabilities.

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