International biomedical modelling workshop held in the School of Mathematics

The School hosted the first international workshop on Placental Biophysics, bringing together mathematicians, bioengineers and physiologists from eight countries.

Workshop on Placental Biophysics
Group photo of those attending the International Workshop on Placental Biophysics at the School of Maths in August 2017

A research group involving members of the School of Mathematics and the School of Medical Sciences (based in St. Mary's hospital) hosted an interdisciplinary workshop in the Alan Turing Building in September bringing together leaders in the emerging field of Placental Biophysics.  Speakers from eight countries and three continents discussed topics ranging from fundamental mathematical problems of transport in complex media to the development of state-of-the-art bioengineering, imaging and computational tools to understand placental physiology and its clinical implications in pregnancy pathologies.   

The workshop was made possible by the support of the Medical Research Council. For more details of the meeting see .

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