Fourth Edition of 'In Abstract' is now Live!

The fourth edition of 'In Abstract', which highlights the Faculty of Science and Engineering's world class research, is now live.

In Abstract
'In-Abstract' includes journal papers which are at the cutting-edge of research

Three journal papers written by some of our School of Mathematics staff have been selected to be part of the latest edition of In Abstract:

"A New Analysis of Iterative Refinement and its Application to Accurate 
Solution of Ill-Conditioned Sparse Linear Systems" Erin Carson, Nicholas J. Higham 

"Trapping and displacement of liquid collars and plugs in rough-walled 
tubes" Oliver Jensen, Feng Xu

"Traces of surfactants can severely limit the drag reduction of 
superhydrophobic surfaces" François J. Peaudecerf, Julien R. Landel, Raymond E. Goldstein, Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz

Keep checking the website as more papers will be available next year!

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