Alan Turing Meeting, Friday 6th June 2014

Background to the Conference

Alan Turing (1912-1954) spent the last six years of his working life in Manchester. A one-day conference is being organised on the 60th anniversary of his death. This conference will be broad in scope and is intended to facilitate collaboration between numerical analysts, computer scientists and engineers. There will be talks on the mathematics underlying computation, both on theoretical aspects (Numerical Analysis) and practical aspects (Scientifi c Computing), and a public lecture in Turing's honour.



The conference will take place in the School of Mathematics, Alan Turing Building, at The University of Manchester.

Invited Speakers


08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Welcome and introductory remarks
9:10 Gerhard Wanner: "Nonstiff, Stiff and Geometric Integration"
10:00 Jan S. Hesthaven: "On the illusive stability of the Parareal method"
10:50 Coffee
11:20 Marlis Hochbruck: "Convergence of an ADI splitting for Maxwell's equations"
12:10 Raul F. Tempone: "Adaptive strategies for Multilevel Monte Carlo and Multi Index Monte Carlo"
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Stephen J. Wright: "Asynchronous Parallel Methods for Optimization and Linear Algebra"
14:50 Nick Trefethen: "Discrete or Continuous?"
15:40 Coffee
16:10 Gilbert Strang: "Tridiagonal Matrices in Theory and Applications"
17:00 Conference photo and reception
18:00 Public lecture: Andrew Hodges - "Alan Turing and June the Sixth"
19:30 Dinner
22:00 End



Online: please click here to register.


David Silvester & Stefan Güttel
School of Mathematics
The University of Manchester


The administrator is Jenny Gradwell.

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