Image Based Modelling Workshop

25th & 26th November 2015, in the School of Mathematics at The University of Manchester

Organisers: Michael Crabb and Bill Lionheart.
To request a place at this event, please complete the online registration form. Event numbers are limited so please reply ASAP.
The GUI based meshing and segmentation software MIRAN, created by Dr. Andrea Borsic of NE Scientific LLC, is due to be released as open source soon. The software, written in Scientific Python and Visulization Toolkit (VTK), was specially designed to be used in electrical impedance tomography (EIT) of the lungs (where meshing of electrodes on the thorax surface is a fundamental issue). However the software has the ability to load and view DICOM files, surface identification, segmentation and force-based finite element meshing algorithms. These features have made the software potentially useful for researchers who are interested in image-based modelling after generation of a high resolution image from e.g. X-ray CT or MRI.

Andrea Borsic is visiting from 24-26th November to showcase the MIRAN software and is interested in collaborating and discussing specialist problems in segmentation and meshing that researchers are having. Some relevant webpages for NE Scientific LLC can be seen below:    

The workshop will mostly be informal and an opportunity for researchers to discuss problems who have an interest in image-based modelling. However on Wednesday afternoon Andrea will give a hands on tutorial on Scientific Python as well as the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) software in the Computer Labs in the Alan Turing Building. On Thursday morning three short case studies of image-based modelling followed by a demonstration of the MIRAN software will be made by Andrea Borsic in the Frank Adams 1 in the Alan Turing Building. The full schedule can be seen below:


Wednesday 25th November: Afternoon Session: Computer Labs - Alan Turing Building
1300-1700 - Scientific Python and Visualization Toolkit (VTK) hands-on lab session. Participants to bring their own machines.

Thursday 26th November: Morning Session: Frank Adams 1 - Alan Turing Building
0900-0930 - Introduction & Welcome
0930-1000 - Michael Crabb - Mutual information as a measure of image quality for 3D dynamic lung imaging with EIT.
1000-1020 - Sophia Coban - Issues with CT segmentation of glass beads.
1020-1040 - Philip Pearce - Does capillary dilation in various branches of the placenta optimise oxygen transfer?
1040-1100 - Coffee break
1100-1120 - Henry Tregidgo - A  mathematical control theory approach to EIT guided mechanical ventilation.
1120-1200 - Andrea Borsic - MIRAN software showcase.
1200-1300 - Lunch break
Thursday 26th November: Afternoon Session: Computer Labs - Alan Turing Building
1300-1700 - Informal discussions

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