Dr Art Gower takes part in the Science Showdown 2017

The Science Showdown was a free open-mic event which took place on 30th March 2017.

Art gave an interesting presentation of his work at this exciting event


Scientists were encoraged to stand up for their field and take to the stage at this free event - the first Science Showdown!

The topic for the evning was:  "Isn’t science awesome?".  Presenters were asked "But are you convinced your field is the most awesome of them all? Do you save lives, discover truly fundamental properties of nature, master logic and reasoning, create mind-blowing technology, understand how the Universe works, or something along those lines? - if so, come and say so at the Science Showdown"

CRUK PhD students and PostDocs hosted the Open-Mic Science Night that welcomed every passionate scientist to give a short talk about why science is awesome, at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre on 30 March.

The speakers gave a short talk of exactly π minutes (yes, 3m 14s), not exceeding two slides, to talk about something super interesting in science. Our own Dr Art Gower took to the podium and gave a talk on ""How can we measure the invisible: the mathematics of jiggly waves" - the presentation was really well received and Art said the evening was enjoyable and thought provoking.

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