Better World Award Winners 2017

School of Mathematics staff recognised at The Better World Awards 2017

Better World Award Winners, (left to Right) Mr Lenox Green, Prof. Louise Walker and Dr. Stefan Guettel

The Better World Awards are the faculty's awards to help celebrate and recognise excellent work and activities relating to Social Responsibility. 

Schools, Institutes and the Faculty Office were asked to nominate up to five examples of how their staff and students have 'Made a Difference' this year. 

The winners were announced at the Celebration Event on Wednesday 1st February 2017.

Congratulations to the following winners from our School of Mathematics: Postgraduate Administrator  Lenox Green won an award for Inspiring Communities (Rainbow Centre), Professor Louise Walker  won her award for Outstanding Volunteer (Staff) by supporting Charity FoodCycle and Dr Stefan Guettel  was awarded the People's Vote prize.

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