Award for Manchester Mathematician’s Video

The video “Soap opera in the maze: Geometry matters in Marangoni flows” by Manchester Mathematician and collaborators received a Gallery of Fluid Motion Award at the 70th meeting of the American Physical Society, 19-21 November 2017.

Soap Opera Maze
"Soap opera in the maze"

Surfactants are well-known for their cleaning properties in soap and detergent. By decreasing surface tension, they help removing stains and soils from surfaces. However, the video Soap opera in the maze: Geometry matters in Marangoni flowsreveals surprising properties of surfactants. A drop of surfactants deposited at the surface of a thin layer of milk is able to find its way through a complex maze!


The video was produced by Fernando Temprano-Coleto, Frédéric Gibou and Paolo Luzzatto-Fegiz from the University of California Santa Barbara, François Peaudecerf from the ETH Zürich, and Julien Landel from the School of Mathematics, University of Manchester.


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