The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

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Chapter 1

"PING!" echoed the computer speakers.
"Uhh, not another school assignment," moaned Mike.
He ambled towards the computer and peered at the screen and then smiled. Rather than another "Show My Homework", it was something much better. A message from Ellie who had been in another part of the country when lock down was announced. The two friends hadn't seen each other for ages.

Hi Mike,

I'm bored. Are you bored too? Do you know the answer to my question? Do you even know the question? I'll be waiting for your reply...


"Hmm," said Mike to himself. "I wonder what she means. Oh hang on. There's an attachment."

Above is an image of the attachment sent by Ellie. When decoded, it will be a question. You must find the one word answer to the question and enter it in the box below.

This problem was first solved on Mon 18th January at 4:00:30pm
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