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Taufiq K Ahmad Khairuddin and William R B Lionheart, Characterization of objects by electrosensing fish based on the first order polarization tensor , Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, (2016).

Naeem M Desai and William RB Lionheart, An explicit reconstruction algorithm for the transverse ray transform of a second rank tensor field from three axis data, preprint, (2015).

S.B. Coban, P.J. Withers and W.R.B. Lionheart, The effects of tomographic scans with fewer radiographs on the image reconstruction, (2015).

S.B. Coban, P.J. Withers, W.R.B. Lionheart and S.A. McDonald, When do the iterative reconstruction methods become worth the effort?, (2015).

William M Thompson, William RB Lionheart, Edward J Morton, Mike Cunningham and Russell Luggar, High Speed Imaging of Dynamic Processes with a Switched Source X-ray CT System, preprint, (2015).

William R.B. Lionheart and Philip J. Withers, Diffraction tomography of strain, preprint, (2014).

S.B. Coban and W.R.B. Lionheart, Regularised GMRES-type Methods for X-Ray Computed Tomography, (2014).

William M Thompson and William RB Lionheart, GPU Accelerated Structure-Exploiting Matched Forward and Back Projection for Algebraic Iterative Cone Beam CT Reconstruction, The Third International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, 22-25 June 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA., (2014).

Michael Crabb, John Davidson, Ross Little, Paul Wright, Alexandra Morgan, Chris Miller, Josephine Naish, Geoff Parker, Ron Kikinis, Hugh McCann and William Lionheart, Mutual information as a measure of image quality for 3D dynamic lung imaging with EIT, Physiological Measurement, 35, (2014).

Paul D Ledger and William RB Lionheart, Characterising the shape and material properties of hidden targets from magnetic induction data, preprint, (2013).

Paul D Ledger and William RB Lionheart, The perturbation of electromagnetic fields at distances that are large compared to the object’s size, preprint, (2013).

Karim Jerbi, William Lionheart, Paivi Vauhkonen and Marko Vauhkonen, Sensitivity matrix and reconstruction algorithm for EIT assuming axial uniformity , preprint, (2013).

William M Thompson, William RB Lionheart and Edward J Morton, High-speed Dynamic Imaging with a Real Time Tomography System, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Image Formation in X-Ray Computed Tomography, (2012).

William M Thompson, William RB Lionheart and Edward J Morton, Real-Time imaging with a high speed X-Ray CT system, (2012).

Alistair Boyle, Andy Adler and William R.B. Lionheart, Shape Deformation in Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography, IEEE Transactions of Medical Imaging.

Alistair Boyle, Andy Adler and William R.B. Lionheart, Shape Deformation in Two-Dimensional Electrical Impedance Tomography, preprint, (2011).

William Lionheart, Differential formulations of Maxwell's equations in ansiotropic materials, preprint, (2011).

FA Kotasidis, JC Matthews, GI Angelis, PJ Noonan, A Jackson, P Price, WR Lionheart and AJ Reader, Single Scan Parameterization of Space-Variant Point Spread Functions in Image Space via a Printed Array: Impact for two PET/CT Scanners, Physics in Medicine and Biology, 56.

Romina Gaburro and William Lionheart, Determining the absorption in anisotropic media , preprint, (2010).

F.A. Kotasidis, G.I. Angelis, J.C. Matthews, W.R.B Lionheart and A.J Reader, Space variant PSF parameterization in image space using printed point source arrays on the HiRez PET/CT, 2010 IEEE International Conference on Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST),, (2010).

William R. B. Lionheart and Kyriakos Paridis, Finite Elements and Anisotropic EIT reconstruction, (2010).

Kyriakos Paridis and William R. B. Lionheart, Shape corrections for 3D EIT, (2010).

Nicola Wadeson, Edward Morton and William Lionheart, Scatter in an uncollimated x-ray CT machine based on a Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation.

William Lionheart and Vladimir Sharafutdinov, Reconstruction algorithm for the linearized polarization tomography problem with incomplete data., preprint, (2008).


Nick Polydorides, Eskild Storteig and William Lionheart, Forward and Inverse Problems in Towed Cable Hydrodynamics, preprint, (2008).

Romina Gaburro and William R.B. Lionheart, Recovering Riemannian metrics in monotone families from boundary data, preprint, (2008).

Andy Adler, John Arnold, Richard Bayford, Andrea Borsic, Brian Brown, Paul Dixon, Theo Faes, Inez Frerichs, Herve Gagnon, Yvo Garber, Bartlomiej Grychtol, Gunter Hahn, William Lionheart, Anjum Malik, Janet Stocks, Andrew Tizzard, Norbert Weiler and Gerhard Wolf, GREIT: towards a consensus EIT algorithm for lung images,, (2008).

Andy Adler, Andrea Borsic, Nick Polydorides and William R.B. Lionheart, Simple FEMs aren’t as good as we thought: experiences developing EIDORS v3.3 , (2008).

Alistair Boyle, William R.B. Lionheart, Camille Gomez-Laberge and Andy Adler, Evaluating Deformation Corrections in Electrical Impedance Tomography, (2008).

Jerome E. Cooper, Philip H. Steele, Brian K. Mitchell, Craig Boden and William R.B. Lionheart, Detecting Juvenile Wood in Southern Pine Logs with Brush Electrodes, (2008).

Jia Liu, W. T. Hewitt, W.R.B. Lionheart, J Montaldi and M. Turner, A Lemon is not a Monstar: visualization of singularities of symmetric second rank tensor fields in the plane., Eurographics UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (2008), (2008).

Andy Adler, Richard Youmaran and William R.B. Lionheart, A measure of the information content of EIT data, preprint, (2008).

William R Lionheart, Inverse problems in industry, Mathematics Today, 44, (2008).

Andrea Borsic, Brad M. Graham, Andy Adler and William R.B. Lionheart, Total Variation Regularization in Electrical Impedance Tomography, preprint, (2007).

C. Van Berkel and W. R. B. Lionheart, Reconstruction of a grounded object in an electrostatic halfspace with an indicator function, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 15, (2007).

WRB Lionheart and CJP Newton, Analysis of the inverse problem for determining nematic liquid crystal director profiles from optical measurements using singular value decomposition., preprint.

Manuchehr Soleimani and William Lionheart, Absolute Conductivity Reconstruction in Magnetic Induction Tomography Using a Nonlinear Method, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 25, (2006).

Manuchehr Soleimani, Oliver Dorn and William RB Lionheart, A Narrowband Level Set Method Applied to EIT in Brain for Cryosurgery Monitoring, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, 53, (2006).

David Szotten, William RB Lionheart and Rachel A Tomlinson, Tomographic reconstruction of stress from photoelastic measurements using elastic regularization., preprint.

Andy Adler and William R.B. Lionheart, Uses and abuses of EIDORS: An extensible software base for EIT , Physiological Measurement, 27, (2006).

O Dorn, WRB Lionheart and M Soleimani, Level set reconstruction of conductivity and permittivity from boundary electrical measurements using experimental data, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 14, (2006).

Hyenkyun Woo, Sungwhan Kim, Jin Keun Seo, William Lionheart and Eung Je Woo, A direct tracking method for a grounded conductor inside a pipeline from capacitance measurements, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 22, (2006).

Cees van Berkel and William R. B. Lionheart, An Iterative Method for Electrostatic Object Reconstruction in a Half Space, preprint.

Mark S Joshi and William RB Lionheart, An inverse boundary value problem for harmonic differential forms, Asymptotic Analysis, 41, (2005).

David R Stephenson, John L Davidson, William R.B. Lionheart, Bruce D Grieve and Trevor A York, Comparison of 3D Image Reconstruction Techniques using Real Electrical Impedance Measurement Data , Proceedings of the 4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, (2005).

William Lionheart, Nicholas Polydorides and Andrea Borsic, Part 1: the reconstruction problem, (2004).


Juan Felipe P. J. Abascal and William R.B. Lionheart, Rank analysis of the anisotropic inverse conductivity problem, (2004).

William R.B. Lionheart, Geometric methods for anisotopic inverse boundary value problems., (2004).

Y. Ziyalder, Serkan Onart and W. R. B. Lionheart, Uniqueness and reconstruction in magnetic resonance - electrical impedance tomography (MR - EIT), Physiological Measurement, 24, (2003).

A. Borsic, W.R.B. Lionheart and C.N. McLeod, Generation of anisotropic-smoothness regularization filters for EIT, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 21, (2002).

N. Polydorides, W.R.B. Lionheart and H. McCann, Krylov subspace iterative techniques: on the detection of brain activity with electrical impedance tomography, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 21, (2002).

William R.B. Lionheart, Reconstruction Algorithms for Permittivity and Conductivity Imaging, Proceedings of the 2nd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, Hannover, Germany , Wednesday 29th to Friday 31st August 2001, (2001).

N Kerrouche, CN McLeod and WRB Lionheart, Time series of EIT chest images using singular value decomposition and Fourier transform, Physiological Measurement, 22, (2001).

William R Lionheart, Uniqueness, Shape, and Dimension in EIT, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 873, (1999).

S.R. Arridge and W.R.B Lionheart, Nonuniqueness in diffusion-based optical tomography, Optics Letters, 23, (1998).

William R.B. Lionheart, Boundary Shape and Electrical Impedance Tomography, Inverse Problems, 14, (1998).

William R.B. Lionheart, F. John Lidgey, Christopher N. McLeod, Kevin S. Paulson, Michael K. Pidcock and Yu Shi, Electrical Impedance Tomography for high speed chest imaging, Physica Medica, Vol 13, Suppl 1, (1997).

Christopher N. McLeod, Yu Shi, Christopher Denyer, F. John Lidgey, William R.B. Lionheart, Kevin S. Paulson and Michael K. Pidcock, Chest Impedance Imaging Using Trigonometric Current Patterns, (1995).

K Paulson, W Lionheart and M Pidcock, POMPUS: an optimized EIT reconstruction algorithm, Inverse Problems, 11, (1995).

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