Welcome Week

Welcome to the School of Mathematics

Welcome to the School of Mathematics, this page will direct new students to essential information to help in your preparation, arrival and the first week of Welcome and Induction.  

For returning students this page will direct you to essential information on how to re-register.

Information for New Students

‌All new students are expected to attend Welcome Week: Monday 18th September to Friday 22nd September

The week comprises many activities taking place in the School of Mathematics, across the campus and in University Halls of Residence to help students settle in to University life. The timetable can be found here - Welcome Week Timetable 2017

Brief overview of events:

  • School's Welcome and Registration Fair Monday 18th September in the Alan Turing Building (campus map ref.46)
  • Welcome Talk 
  • Diagnostic Test
  • Sustainability Challenge
  • Meet your Academic Advisor
  • Group Work (a chance to meet new students)
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • City Bus Tours
  • University Start of Year Fair

Feel free to tweet any questions or queries to the Teaching and Learning Office Twitter account: @MathematicsTLO

New students have been sent information on Welcome week events and how to complete registration, either by post for students living in the UK, or by email for those living outside the UK. You can also access the 'Welcome to Manchester' website: http://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/ that comprises vital information on the actions you will need to complete registration smoothly.

During Welcome Week you will receive information packs on your programme of study, meet your Academic Advisor and the Year Tutor. Get involved in group work activities, a scavenger hunt and inspirational talks from academics. You MUST also complete the MATHS1000 Study Module (Induction) in relation to Health and Safety and Academic Malpractice. The Health and Safety assessments should be completed by the deadline stated. All this will be explained in more detail.

In addition to the Schools Welcome events, the University and the Students' Union have a range of events, including the societies fair, student union fair, campus tours, library tours and social activities. Read more: http://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/new-students/welcome/whats-on/ .

Information for Returning Students

School of Mathematics Welcome Week Events for continuing students

Students entering the Second Year must attend:

  • The Year 2 Induction Talk - Wednesday 20th September 1pm,  University Place TH A - Talk by Prof. Nige Ray.
  • The Managing my Future Career Event (MATH20041), Friday 22nd September, further details to follow. 

Students entering the Third Year must attend:

  • Year 3 Induction Talk - Friday 22nd September 12pm, University Place TH A - Talk by Dr Sean Holman

Students entering the Fourth Year must attend:

  • Year 4 Induction Talk - Friday 22nd September 12pm, Simon Theatre D - Talk by Dr Martin Lotz (Andrew Hazel)

Teaching starts week commencing 25th September.

Before you re-start the academic year you will need to re-register on-line. Until you complete registration you are not a member of the Unviersity and you may be prevented from attending lectures.

Information for International Students and Orientation Week

In addition to IT sign-up and on-line registration International students have additional actions that need to be considered:

Interantional Orientation Week: http://www.welcome.manchester.ac.uk/new-students/welcome/whats-on/international-orientation/

Provide activities and events for international students starting Friday 15th September.

On-line Registration

The University on-line registration opens from 1st September for all students.  

For new students you will need to refer to the University Welcome page: 


Listed from this website are the actions for new students:

  • Activate your IT account
  • Complete on-line registration and confirm your attendance
  • Pay your Fees
  • Confirm you accommodation
  • Collect your student ID card

For continuing students you will need to refer to the University Welcome page:


  • A returning to Manchester checklist
  • Re-register as a student

Note: All students are encouraged to register online before you arrive on campus. Registration is open any time between 1st September and 30th September. A late registration after 30 September will incur a £200 charge.

Useful Documents

Welcome links and Student information guides

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