Course units and credits

Students normally need to take 120 credits of course units in each academic year. Each course unit is worth 10, 15, 20 or 30 credits. One credit represents 10 hours of contact time and independent study. Typically a 10 credit course unit will have two lectures, one feedback class and 5 hours of independent study each week.

Course codes: each course unit has a course code MATH (for Mathematics course units) followed by a five digit number. The first digit indicates the level of the course and the fifth digit indicates whether it runs in semester 1 or 2 (0 denotes a full year course unit).

For level 3 and 4 units the second digit indicates the subject area, according to the following scheme: 0 General; 1 Pure (analysis); 2 Pure (algebra); 3 Logic; 4 Advanced Calculus; 5 Physical Applied; 6 Numerical Analysis; 7 Probability; 8 Statistics; 9 Discrete/Financial mathematics.

Course codes for course units in other schools work in a similar way.

Course Unit Selection

Compulsory courses: all students in the School of Mathematics are automatically enrolled onto their mandatory course units as part of their programme of study. You can see which course units you are registered on by logging in to My Manchester from mid July. 

Optional courses: If you are on a programme that includes optional course units, then you will need to self-select course units; you can do this by going to My Manchester. Further information is available from the Schools Course Unit Selection website.

Course unit selection opens during July-August for the following academic year. You are strongly advised to take this opportunity to provisionally select optional course units to make sure that you get a place on your preferred options. The selection process opens again during the first two weeks of each semester; this provides an opportunity for you to enroll, add and amend your preferred optional course units.

Outside Course Units

Students on Single Honours Mathematics degree programmes with a particular interest in a subject other than Mathematics may wish to consider (in consultation with their Academic Advisor) taking course units in other Schools.  There is available, a list of recommended outside course units [link below], and the number of outside course unit credits for each programme is available in more detail on the Programme pages under Course Units Offered.

To apply for an outside course unit option, having read and understand the programme criteria for outside course units, students need to complete an Outside Course Unit Form.

It is not normally possible for Joint Honours students to substitute outside course units for Mathematics course units. However students on 'Mathematics with' programmes and students on the Mathematics and Philosophy programme may select either one 10 credit University College Course Unit or Interdisciplinary Sustainable Development, in place of a Mathematics option. Students must refer to the Programme pages for programme information.

Further information about outside course units should be obtained from the outside School and all course specifications are available from My Manchester student portal under the course unit search engine.

All outside course units need approval from the Academic Advisor or the Year Tutor. There is an online form for students to complete for approval, further details here.


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