School Communication

Contacting Staff and Postgraduate Students

You can search for staff and postgraduate students' contact details via the University website directory: If you cannot contact a particular member of staff, please email with details. Note, however, that staff are not in every day as their research commitments frequently take them out of Manchester.

School Communication Channels

Direct Communication

  • Student Newsletters 

The Student newsletters are emailed out around the 15th of each month and comprise relevant information as part of your study, and includes Student Support Newsletter and Career Notices.

  • Emails

Important notices and communication related to your studies will be sent to your students university email account, therefore please check these regularly.  You will have been issued with a university account when you register at the start of your studies in Manchester.  Students can set up their email accounts on their mobile devices. Further details are available from the IT webpage:

  • Texts

Texting students to mobile phone devices is used as a prompt to access important information or gesture of goodwill.

  • Facebook and Twitter 

The School as a facebook and twitter account which is accessible from the school website.  These are also used by student representatives for communicating with students on specific programmes, or course units.

Passive Communication

  • Websites

The School website is

The Information for current undergraduates webpage has a mindful of information related to your studies. You can access timetable information by year, course units and descriptions and course materials, student support guidance, general information, and much more. You can also access the on-line student handbook.

  • Student Portal

The Student portal is a communication source that links into a number of support resources and information related to your studies. The portal is available from 'My Manchester'

  • Blackboard

Blackboard is a virtual elearning tool in the student portal which is used for a number of course unit materials and assessments.

  • Noticeboards

There are student noticeboards throughout the Alan Turing Building ground floor atrium. There are also general noticeboards both inside and on the wall outside the Undergraduate Work Room, G.211.

Personal Communication

  • Academic Staff Office Hours

Academic staff have an office hour so that students can speak to lecturers about concerns related to a specific ocurse unit, or other aspects of their study.  The office hours are with Tracey on reception.

  • Academic Advisor Meetings

Academic Advisor Meetings are arranged twice per semester.  Your Academic Advisor is there to support you throughout your studies.

  • Reception Information Point

The main information point in the School is the Reception Area in the Alan Turing Foyer.  This is one of 'five beacon schools' that provide information, advice and guidance for all students. 


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