Progression rules

The School of Mathematics follows the University's progression rules with compensation, with the following exceptions:

  • the 1st year course units supported by supervisions, ie., MATH10101, MATH10111, MATH10121, MATH10131, MATH10202, MATH10212, MATH10222 and MATH10232 are not compenstable and cannot be carried,
  • the minimum mark for progression from the 2nd to the 3rd year and from the 3rd year to the 4th year of the MMath programmes is normally 55%.

You will normally take course units worth 120 credits in each year of your degree programme.

To progress to the second or third year of the programme you must satisfy all the following rules:

• pass a minimum of 40 credits at the first attempt
• achieve a mark of at least 40 in at least 80 credits of course units, including any non-compensatable course units
• achieve a mark of at least 30 in all remaining course units.

To progress to the third year of the Mathematics with Modern Language degree programme students must achieve a mark of at least 40 in the compulsory level 2 language course units.


First and second year students who pass a minimum of 40 credits at the first attempt but fail to progress to the following year in June will be given an opportunity for reassessment in August. This is known as referral.

The Board of Examiners decides which course units should be referred. Successful referrals are capped at 30% or the original mark if that lies in the range 30—39.

Referrals normally take the form of an unseen examination or resubmission of work. These must be sat at the University of Manchester at the time specified in the examination timetable.

The referral mark is based on the examination mark only and does not include any coursework marks.

The School of Mathematics Examinations Document V22 gives full details of progression rules and our assessment procedures.

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