Undergraduate Projects

‌The School of Mathematics offers projects to students in their third and fourth years.  The projects can be a two-semester double project, or single semester projects.  The MATH30000 double project for third year students is weighted 20 credits and MATH40000 double project for fourth year students is weighted 30 credits.  The single projects for third years are weighted 10 credits (MATH30011 and MATH30022), and the single projects for fourth years are weighted 15 credits (MATH40011 and MATH40022). 

For further details please read the details below:


Below is a list of supervisors and project titles by research areas, last updated March 2016. [Note: please check back regularly for updates.]

Students in the final year of the MMath programme are required to take the 30 credits of project work; either MATH40000 double project or two 15 credit semester projects MATH40011 and MATH40022.

Before registering for a project it is good practice to contact the supervisor of a chosen project to raise your interest and discuss the topic in question. To register students need to complete the online form from the link below.  Please note that the form requests to complete three project preferences, therefore it is recommended that you choose three potential projects.

  • Project Registration Form 

The form is available from Blackboard via 'My Manchester' student portal.  

For MMath students entering their final year the form is available under MATHS3000 Year Module (Year 3).

For other students entering their final year the form will be available under MATHS2000 Year Module (Year 2) from 25th April 2016.

The form MUST be completed before 30th June.

If you have any problems you should contact the Teaching and Learning Office via reception or email: mathematics@manchester.ac.uk. You can also contact Dr Andrew Hazel, the 4th year tutor, if you are having problems with your project or supervisor.

On completion of the project you will be asked to complete a submission form, which will be available from the Project Blackboard spaces in due course.

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