Timetabled classes


Lectures start on the hour and last for 50 minutes. The lecturer will present the course material using the board, slides or a visualiser. You may be provided with an electronic copy of the lecture notes or be expected to take your own notes. It is possible that you may not be able to understand all the material during the lecture and so you should spend time after the class reading through the notes and working on any related exercises.

Feedback supervisions

The level 1 course units MATH10101, MATH10111, MATH10121, MATH10131, MATH10202, MATH10212, MATH10222 and MATH10232 are supported by weekly feedback supervisons. You will be working with a group of about 12 students on your programme and a supervisor. You will be set weekly exercises by the course lecturer. These should be handed in to your supervisor before the supervision class. Your supervision work and attendance counts as 10% of the marks for the associated course unit.

Feedback tutorials

Level 1 course units not covered by supervisions and most higher level course units will have a weekly feedback tutorial or lab sessions in the computer cluster. You will be set exercises by the course lecturer. You should try these before the tutorial class and use the time in class to ask questions. Some lecturers provide extra examples in the tutorial classes and work through examples during the class.

Mathematical Workshop

This workshop gives you a chance to work on the practical skills all mathematicians require such as problem solving, using mathematical software and mathematical writing. In the worksops you will work individually and in small groups on different projects.

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