Course units and credits

Students normally need to take 120 credits of course units in each academic year. Each course unit is worth a certain number of credits (10, 15, 20 or 30 credits). One credit represents 10 hours of contact time and independent study. Typically a 10 credit course unit will have two lectures and one feedback class each week.

Each course unit has a course code MATH (for Mathematics course units) followed by a 5 digit number. The first digit indicates the level of the course and the fifth digit indicates whether it runs in semester 1 or 2 (0 denotes a full year course unit). Course codes for course units in other schools work in a similar way.

All students in the School of Mathematics are automatically enrolled onto their mandatory course units as part of their programme of study. You can see which course units you are registered on by logging in to My Manchester. If you are on a programme that include optional course units, then you will need to self-select course units; you can do this by going to My Manchester.

Course unit selection opens during July-August for the following academic year. You are strongly advised to take this opportunity to provisionally select optional course units to make sure that you get a place on your preferred options. The selection process opens again during the first two weeks of each semester; this provides an opportunity for you to enroll, add and amend your preferred optional course units.

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