Undergraduate Timetables

Mathematics Undergraduate Timetables

Below is a list of Mathematics timetables per academic year of studies.  This is for information only.  Personal Timetables are available by logging into the Student Portal from the front page or under My Courses tab. Note that the Personal Timetables are only available from 1st September. Once the personal timetables become available it is important that you check your timetable weekly as changes may be applied.

Level One Mathematics Course Unit Timetables

MATH10001 Workshop Groups 2015_16

Level Two Mathematics Course Unit Timetables

Please note the majority of level 2 course units comprise 2 hours of lectures and a 1 hour tutorial and/or lab (for a 10 credit unit). Some level 2 mathematics course units have a selection of tutorials scheduled (TUT/01, TUT/02 etc.), therefore in the first instance, students will be enrolled into a holding tutorial which is not scheduled.  However, in August students will be allocated a tutorial that fits into their current timetabled components.  Students will be informed by email on completion of this process.

Level Three and Four Mathematics Course Unit Timetables

For Level 3, the majority of course units comprise 2 hours of lectures and a 1 hour tutorial and/or lab (for a 10 credit course unit), however these are scheduled as 3 hours of lectures due to the process to allow podcasting. In most cases, the 2 hour lecture slot scheduled for each course unit, the last hour is used as a tutorial, but please check this with the lecturer during the first lecture.

To help with choosing your course unit options and due to the number of options available at this level the course units are timetabled into 3 hour slots* by groups A-I.  An exception to this is that some Probability and Statistical course units and 15 credit course units have a total of 4 teaching hours which means that in some cases the course unit spreads over more than one group.

In addition the second digit of a course unit code indicates the subject area, according to the following scheme: 0 General; 1 Pure (analysis); 2 Pure (algebra); 3 Logic; 4 Applied (advanced calculus); 5 Applied (physical applied); 6 Applied (numerical analysis); 7 Probability; 8 Statistics; 9Discrete/Financial mathematics. 



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Coursework Timetables


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