Undergraduate Timetables

Mathematics Year Timetables 2014/15

Below is a list of Mathematics programme timetables per academic year of studies.  This is for information only.  Personal Timetables are available by logging into the student portal from the front page or under My Courses tab. Note that the Personal Timetables are updated as soon as a change is made.  Please make sure you check your timetable weekly in the first few weeks as changes may be applied.

Year 1

[MATH Timetables for students on BSc/MMath Mathematics; Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics with Financial Mathematics]

[MATH Timetables for students on BSc Actuarial Science and Mathematics; Mathematics with Finance; Mathematics with a Modern Language; Mathematics and Philosophy; Computer Science and Mathematics; Mathematics and Physics]

[Coursework test timetables]

Year 2 

[MATH lecture only timetables for year 2 students. Please note that you will have been assigned to a tutorial session for each module you are registered for on the student system, it is important that you check constantly your personal timetable via the portal as the tutorial sessions change regular upto the first couple of weeks of the semester] If you have not been allocated a turorial session for each module then please inform Tracey on reception.

[Coursework test timetables]

Year 3

[Coursework test timetables]

Year 4

[Coursework test timetables]


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