Changing your Degree Programme and Status

  • Transferring programmes

Students wishing to transfer to a different degree programme it is strongly recommended that you speak to your Academic Advisor. A transfer of programme requires the completion of the online Transfer Form available from the Schools Approval Forms website. 

Withdrawing from a programme

If you decide you want to change your degree programme or status, you should complete the appropriate on-line form available from the Schools Approval Forms. Students who are thinking of leaving their programme should consult their Academic Advisor as soon as possible.

Once a student has completed and submitted an online form it is automatically received by the Schools Teaching and Learning Office for approval from the Year Tutor or, for Joint honours programmes, the Programme Director of the programme to which you are applying. Students will be informed of the outcome once the application has been through the approval process.

  • Interruption or repeat of studies

Sometimes students need to interrupt their programme or to repeat a year or semester because of medical or personal problems or to enable them to undertake an internship or work experience.  If you are thinking of interrupting or repeating you should discuss this with your Academic Advisor.  You may also want to consult with your Year Tutor or (for joint honours students) your Joint Honours Programme Director for more detailed advice.  The student support officer will also be able to give advice on how to present your case and the supporting evidence that is needed.  Applications to interrupt or repeat for medical or personal reasons must be supported by documentary evidence. You should complete and submit an Interruption and/or Repeat of Studies form (available online). 

If applying for medical or personal problems the School should be made aware of these problems as soon as possible and evidence collected at the time.  To delay informing the School will weaken your case while attempting to collect evidence long after any problems occurred may well prove difficult.

The decision to interrupt or repeat year of study is made by the Director of Studies. Students have to pay the fees for the repeat year or semester. Students are not normally allowed to repeat without attendance, ie. take the examinations without attending classes.

Tuition Fee from a withdrawal or interruption

If a student takes interruption or withdraws from their programme part-way through the academic year, the Student Payments & Registration Team will recalculate the tuition fee for the year based on the number of days in attendance. If the amount of tuition fee paid is greater than the revised tuition fees then the University will refund the overpayment. If the student has not paid sufficient fees then they will be notified.  Further details is available from the University Student Support Fees website.

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