Academic Advisors

All students will be assigned an Academic Advisor at the start of the programme and this person will support you throughout your programme. You will have regular meetings with your advisor during the year, which you must attend, and you should contact them if you have any questions about your programme or you have any personal worries or problems. Your Academic Advisor will have a weekly office hour and you can also contact them by email to arrange an appointment. Contact details for all staff in the School can be found at

It is important that you attend the scheduled meetings with your Academic Advisor so that they can monitor your academic progress and help you with your future planning. There are three scheduled meetings during the academic year and it is recommended that read and take with you the Academic Advisor Student Brochure:

For year one students:

  • New academic year meeting in Welcome Week (week 0) – as part of the induction process for new students.
  • Mid academic year meeting in weeks 7/8 of semester 1.
  • Semester 2 academic year meeting weeks 5/6 of semester 2.

For years two, three and fourth year students:

  • Start of the academic year meeting (week 0/1) - a review of the previous academic year for returning students.
  • Mid academic year meeting in weeks 7/8 of semster 1.
  • Semester 2 academic year meeting weeks 7/8 of semester 2.
  • End of academic year group meeting weeks 11/12.

Your Advisor will also be able to provide general advice on university life and help you to access central University Support Services such as the Careers Service, the Disability Support Office and the Counselling Service.

Your Advisor will be also able to provide references for job applications and further study.

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