Mathematics for Nurses

A series of 3 study guides tailored to meet the needs of student nurses.

The following information has been produced by the University of Hull.

  • Fractions and Decimals (as Word or PDF)
  • Ratio and Percentage (as Word or PDF)
  • Unit Conversion and Dosage Calculation (as Word or PDF)

Links that may be useful to current nursing students

  • Drug Dosage Calculations
    A tutorial created from the School of Nursing, University of Nottingham. It includes SI units and conversions, calculating drug quantities in both tablet and liquid form, and calculating intravenous flow rates.
  • Dilution of solutions for nurses
    This leaflet explains how dilution calculations are performed.
  • Numeracy Skills Support Material
    This resource provides materials designed to help healthcare professionals improve their numeracy skills. The course covers decimals, percentages, SI units, ratios and formulae calculations.

Interactive learning material

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