Mathematics resources for students outside of the School of Mathematics

Some resources identified by the Resource Centre

The following resources may be of use in learning to understand mathematics and how it relates to a particular discipline.

Bilingual Dictionary

Aimed at students studying a programme at HE with mathematical content, who do not have English as a first language. Rescources can be downloaded from


HELM (short for 'Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics') is a project funded by HEFCE through FDTL4 (2002-2005) which involved creating resources to aid the mathematical understanding of undergraduates in Engineering. It involved five Universities including Manchester.


The METAL project 'Mathematics for Economics : Enhancing Teaching and Learning' is funded by HEFCE through FDTL5 and involves many UK universities.


Free resources to support the transition from school mathematics to university mathematics in a range of disciplines. Includes detailed notes, quick sheets,video, podcasts etc. covering a range of mathematical topics.


Some resources by the SIGMA centre for Excellence.


Some resources produced by the BBC:


Some Online video tutorials, with diagnostics, summary text and exercises, on arithmetic; algebra; functions, graphs & sequences; geometry & vectors, trigonometry, differentiation and integration.


Interactive web based pdf documents from the University of Plymouth. The files include notes, exercises and quizzes and so allow students to test their understanding of the material with immediate feedback. Packages include Basic Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus etc. and also Applications of Mathematics in Science and Engineering.

Khan Academy

A series of short video clips from Khan Academy.


A series of short video clips from Leeds University.


Factsheets on many topics; produced by the Regional Centre for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, University of Limerick, Ireland.


Promoting Physics Learning and Teaching opportunities. A large interactive online resource on a range of mathematical topics relevant to students studying a science based degree.

Maths Miniatures

Maths Miniatures Video Tutorials.


Numerical methods for biosciences students.


Pilot project providing mathematical skills support for biosciences undergraduates. Multimedia resource with video case studies and interactive exercises.

Essential Maths

Essential Maths for Medics, Vets and Biologists.


Some mathematics resources for Nursing students.


Carry out mathematics, visualise and change parameters.

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