Service teaching for Optometry

Course Description

Mathematics forms an important part of the degree courses in Optometry. First year students in the school of Optometry will be assigned to one of the mathematics course units MATH19641 or MATH19541 for semester 1 of year 1.

MATH19641 is aimed at students with A-level mathematics grade A,B,C.

MATH19541 is aimed at those without any post GCSE mathematics. Students who desire to take MATH19641 are asked to take the diagnostic test in week 0.

Students taking MATH19541 also take the unit MATH19542 in semester 2 of year 1.

Course Units

The School of Mathematics teaches the following course units to students in Optometry:

Course Coordinator

Dr CDC Steele, School of Mathematics: Alan Turing Building, Room 2.212, Tel: 0161 306 3632, e-mail

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