Responses from lectures on MATH course unit surveys for service teaching

The Unit Survey feedback is very important to the School of Mathematics in providing and maintaining quality of teaching. Therefore below is a list of MATH course units with lectures responses to comments made on the unit surveys.


Course Title Lecturer Feedback
 MATH19641 Mathematics 1Q1 Dr C Steele  MATH19641 - Response to Feedback
 MATH19661 Mathematics 1M1 Dr S Holman  MATH19661 - Response to Students
 MATH19681 Mathematics 1E1 Dr J Parkinson  MATH19681 - Reponse to Feedback
 MATH19731 Mathematics 1G1 Dr C Dean  MATH1973 - Response to Feedback
 MATH19801 Mathematics 0B1 Dr C Steele MATH19801 - Response to Students
 MATH19821 Mathematics 0C1

Dr S Prendiville

 MATH19821 - Feedback to Students
 MATH19861 Mathematics 0N1

Prof A Borovik

 MATH19861 - Response to Feedback
 MATH29661 Mathematics 2M1

Dr O Dorn

Dr R Gaunt

MATH29661 - Feedback to Students - Oliver Dorn

MATH29661 - Feedback to Students - Robert Gaunt

 MATH29681 Mathematics 2E1

Dr D Stevens

Dr J Parkinson

 MATH29681 - Response to Feedback
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