Mathematics 0N1

Unit code: MATH19861
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 1
Teaching period(s): Semester 1
Offered by School of Mathematics
Available as a free choice unit?: N




The course unit aims to provide a basic course in pure mathematical topics for members of the foundation year.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: Be familiar with inequalities and with sets and logic.

Intellectual skills: Be able to carry out routine operations involving the topics in the syllabus.

Transferable skills and personal qualities: Have a set of tools and methods that can be applied in the courses given in the host department or in subsequent years.

Assessment methods

  • Other - 40%
  • Written exam - 60%

Assessment Further Information

Continuous Assessment from Tutorials - 10 short multiple choice tests at the end of every tutorial class in Weeks 3-12, 4% per test. 9 best results are used to make 40% of the total mark for the course.

2 hour (Semester 1) examination. Weighting within unit 60%


13 lectures: Sets. Definition, subsets, simple examples, union, intersection and complement. De Morgan's Laws. Elementary Logic; universal and existential quantifiers. Proof by contradiction and by induction.

7 lectures : Inequalities. Methods of proof for inequalities. Solution of inequalities containing unknown variables. Linear inequalities with one or two variables, systems of liner inequalities with two variables. Some simple problems of linear optimisation. Quadratic inequalities with one variable.

Recommended reading

LIPSCHUTZ, S., 1998. Schaum's outline of theory and problems of set theory and related topics (2nd ed). McGraw-Hill, London. (ISBN0070381593)

FRANKLIN, J. & DAOUD, A., Proof in Mathematics: An Introduction, Kew Books (Jan 2011)

STEEGE, R. & BAILEY, K., 2010. Schaum's Outline of Intermediate Algebra. McGraw Hill Professional: New York (ISBN9780071629980)

Study hours

  • Lectures - 24 hours
  • Tutorials - 11 hours
  • Independent study hours - 65 hours

Teaching staff

Alexandre Borovik - Unit coordinator

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