Engineering Mathematics 2

Unit code: CHEN10072
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 1
Teaching period(s): Semester 2
Offered by School of Mathematics
Available as a free choice unit?: N




The unit aims to:   provide the background mathematics and IT skills required for subsequent chemical engineering courses in mathematically oriented topics.  Engineering applications are to be introduced where relevant.


Matrices, algebraic properties, matrix transpose, determinant and inverse.

Linear equation systems. Gaussian Elimination. Partial Pivoting

First-order scalar ordinary differential equations (ODEs). Solution by separation of variables and by finding an integrating factor.

Numerical solution of ODEs using forward Euler and implicit Euler schemes.

Nonlinear equations of single variable. Numerical solution using Bisection and Newton-Raphson methods.


Teaching and learning methods

The course will consist of lectures (2 hours) and enquiry-based learning sessions (I hour).

Knowledge and understanding

Recall definitions and facts relevant to the syllabus topics.

Carry out routine calculations involving the syllabus topics.

Intellectual skills

Use the methods mentioned in the syllabus topics in order to carry out problem-solving.

Transferable skills and personal qualities

Appreciate the use of the techniques in a Chemical Engineering context.

Assessment Further Information







1.5 hours



90 %


Recommended reading

Stroud KA, and Booth DJ Engineering Mathematics, 5th Edition, Palgrave, 2001. ISBN: 0333919394, Joule Library 510/STR.

Alfio Quarteroni, Fausto Saleri and Paola Gervasio, Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave, Springer, 2010.

HELM : Helping Engineers Learn Mathematics :



Study hours

  • Lectures - 20 hours
  • Tutorials - 10 hours
  • Independent study hours - 70 hours

Teaching staff

William Lionheart - Unit coordinator

Michael Crabb - Unit coordinator

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