Mathematics with Business and Management (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 2 Programme Structure

The 2nd year of this programme consists of 60 credits of MATH compulsory (a mandatory requirement) course units with 30 credits of MATH optional course units and 30 credits of BMAN optional course units from the list below, totalling 120 credits.  

Students on this programme can substitute one 10 credit MATH optional course unit with a University College (UCIL) course unit.

Note that BMAN23000 is a pre-requisite for BMAN30091 with a minimum pass mark of 50%, BMAN30242 with at least a pass mark of 40%, and BMAN30702 with at least a pass mark of 60%.

Further details of the BMAN course unit modules are available from the course unit search engine on the student portal or from the following link.

BMap module information:


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