Mathematics with a Modern Language (4 Years) [BSc]

Year 4 Programme Structure

Year 4 Programme Structure

The 4th year of this degree programme consists of one compulsory (=mandatory) 20-credit course unit in your chosen language, 80 credits of optional Level 3 MATH course units listed under Level 4 Course Units below, and one optional 20-credit language course unit. All the language course units, both compulsory and optional, are listed here (Language course units. You can access all course descriptions via your 'My Manchester' student portal.

The Schools of Arts, Languages and Cultures studentnet is, where you can locate further details regards the School.

Note that each compulsory 20-credit language course unit listed counts as level 3. Apart from that course unit, students on this degree must take at least 80 credits at Level 3 or Level 4.  The level 4 MATH course units available are 15-credit options so (for instance) two level 4 course units could replace three at level 3; however, students are advised to think carefully before taking on material that may be more intellectually demanding and may require more pre-requisites. For this reason it is often advisable to discuss taking a course with the lecturer, and School approval will be required - please complete the online form here.

Students can if they wish take at most 20 credits at Level 2 in the final year (for which approval is required – please complete the online form here) which offers you the opportunity to take a subject you were not able to do in the second year.

Another option for final-year students on this degree is to take a 10-credit level 3 project (which is either MATH30011 in semester 1 or MATH30022 in semester 2). This gives you the opportunity to pursue independent investigation into a topic you are interested in, with the guidance of a member of staff who is an expert in that area. This is a great way for students to develop their transferable research, communication and presentation skills by organising and producing a written report and giving a short verbal presentation. The list of project topics varies from year to year and the current suggested topics are located here:

Finally, for those who are considering teaching as a career, there is the course unit MATH30002 Mathematics Education. This course has limited places available and you must apply for a place by completing the online form here.

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