Mathematics with a Modern Language (4 Years) [BSc]

Year 4 Programme Structure

The 4th year of this programme consists of 80 credits of optional MATH course units listed under Level 3 Course Units below.

For the chosen Language, students take 40 credits of which normally consists of a 20 credit compulsory Languange course unit, and a 20 credit optional Language course unit. Please note the Language compulsory course units are listed below under Level 3 course units as optional, therefore to clarify the compulsory course unit for each Language is:

Japanese Language 5 JAPA51050 20 credits   Japanese Language 7 (without A'level) JAPA51070 20 credits
Italian Language 5 ITAL51050 20 credits   French Language 5 FREN51050 20 credits
Portuguese Language 5 SPLA52050 20 credits   German Language 5 GERM51050 20 credits
Russian Language 5 RUSS51050 20 credits    Spanish Language 5  SPLA51050  20 credits

Students may take at most 20 credits at Level 2 in the final year and must include at least 100 credits at Level 3 (or Level 4 with permisison).

For further details on the Language course units available under each Language discipline, please consult the website: From here you can locate the list of optional Language course units available to you. The Schools of Arts, Languages and Cultures studentnet is, where you can locate further details regards the School.

Some of the Language disciplines have the choice to enrol onto the University Language Centre (LEAP) course unit LALC30242 Introduction to Interpreting as the optional Language course unit. Further details on this course unit is avaiable from the LEAP website:

Alternatively you can access all course descriptions via your 'My Manchester' student portal.

Note: the list below is for 2017/18 - Mathematics Course Units Offered for 2018/19 Academic Year with the following changes:

MATH32071 has changed semesters.

MATH32091 had a different code in 2017/18 MATH39001.

MATH38161 is a new version of MATH38061 Multivariate Statistics new updated course description will be available from 1st July.

MATH32052 has changed semesters.

MATH35082 has a title change and changed semesters.

MATH42061 Representation and Characters of Groups has been re-instated, last ran in 2016/17.

MATH42121 has chnaged semesters.

MATH42112 Lie Algebras has been re-instated, last ran in 2016/17.

MATH42142 Analysis, Random Walks and Groups new course unit, course description will be available from 1st July.

The list below will update after 1st July for 2018/19 academic year.

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