Mathematics with a Modern Language (4 Years) [BSc]

Year 3 Residence Abroad

The 3rd year of this programme is spent studying abroad in the country of the chosen Language.   

Any queries regarding residence abroad issues should be directed to the following members of staff:

Chair of the School Residence Abroad and Exchanges Committee: Dr Wiebke Brockhaus-Grand (Room S3.26;

Residence Abroad Office:; Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 8123; Room S3.7

Please note that students are expected to check regularly the appropriate residence abroad noticeboards in SALC, web pages and Blackboard sites for further details (such as the dates of meetings).

The Residence Abroad Regulations can be found on the School website: and click on Residence Abroad. Hard copies of the regulations will also be circulated to students during their second year of study.

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