Mathematics (4 years) [MMath]

Year 4 Programme Structure

The 4th year of this programme consists of 120 credits of mathematics course units of which includes a compulsory 30 credit fourth year project.

Note, year 3 and 4 combined consists of 240 credits chosen from level 3 and level 4 course units, of which 120 credits of level 4 mathematics course units must be taken including the 30 credit fourth year project.  Students who took level 4 mathematics course units in year 3 will be able to substitute up to 20 credits of level 3 mathematics course units with level 3 outside course units with approval from the Year Tutor and the appropriate form to be completed  (note the first number digit of a course unit is the level, for example MCEL3*** and BMAN3*** are level 3 course units)..

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