Mathematics (4 years) [MMath]

Year 4 Programme Structure

The fourth year of this degree programme consists of a compulsory (= mandatory) 30-credit fourth-year project plus 90 credits of optional level 4 MATH course units in Mathematics; the level 4 MATH courses, which are each of 15 credits, are listed below. You can access all course descriptions via your 'My Manchester' student portal, and you are advised to check the timetables for all course units before selection.

You should note that, in the 240 credits of course units in years 3 and 4 combined, 120 credits must be MATH courses at level 4 (which includes the 30-credit fourth year project).  If you took level 4 MATH course units in year 3, you will therefore be able to substitute up to 20 credits of level 3 MATH course units with level 3 outside course units; this allows you to continue an interest in an outside subject. As usual, taking an outside course requires the permission of the Year Tutor, and the appropriate 'Outside Course Unit Form' must be completed.  (Note that, for nearly all course units within this university, the first number digit of a course unit is the level, so that MCEL3**** and BMAN3**** are level 3 course units.)

If two courses you have chosen clash (such as between a lecture of one course and an example class of another) it may still be possible to take both courses with permission; you will need to complete the Course unit permission form. It is not recommended to take two courses which clash for more than a 1 hour clash in each semester.

For all issues to do with course selection you are strongly advised to consult with your Academic Advisor.

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