Mathematics (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 2 Programme Structure

The second year of this degree programme consists of 60 credits of compulsory (= mandatory) MATH course units in Mathematics, all in semester 1, and 60 credits of optional MATH course units in semester 2 which you must choose from the list below. You can access all course descriptions via your 'My Manchester' student portal, and you are advised to check the timetables for all course units before selection.

You may take 10 or 20 credits of non-MATH course units (‘outside’ course units), in place of Mathematics course units, with permission. A list of recommended outside course units is available here, but students can choose courses which are not on this list. (Usually students in year 2 choose level 1 outside courses and/or University College course units - 2018/19 course list.) The only constraints are that the course or courses must fit into your timetable without clashing with other courses you have chosen, and you must have the necessary pre-requisites, which are usually equivalent to A-level. Students who wish to take outside courses will need the permission of the Year Tutor and must complete the 'Outside Course Unit Form'.

If you wish to take an outside course in semester 2, it simply replaces one of your optional MATH course units. If you wish to take an outside course which is in semester 1, or which runs all year, you can do so by taking a 70:50 credit split or by delaying MATH20201 or MATH20701 until the third year; however you will need to complete the appropriate form which is available here.

If two courses you have chosen clash (such as between a lecture of one course and an example class of another) it may still be possible to take both courses with permission; you will need to complete the Course unit permission form. It is not recommended to take two courses which clash for more than a 1 hour clash in each semester.

For all issues to do with course selection you are strongly advised to consult with your Academic Advisor.

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