Mathematics and Statistics (4 Years) [MMath]

Year 3 Programme Structure

The 3rd year of this programme consists of 120 credits of optional course units. At least 100 credits must be taken from Level 3 or Level 4 course unit options (including at least 80 credits of level 3 or level 4 MATH options*). Up to 40 credits can be taken from the approved non MATH course units and a maximum of 20 credits of Level 2 course units may be taken.


  • The choice of optional course units over the final two years MUST include at least 80 credits of Level 3 or 4 Probability and Statistics course units (these course units begin with the codes MATH37, MATH38, MATH47 and MATH48).
  • Students should consider taking up to two Level 4 MATH course unit options in the Third Year as this will increase choice and give flexibility in the Fourth Year.

Note: the list below is for 2017/18 - Mathematics Course Units Offered for 2018/19 Academic Year with the following changes:

MATH32071 has changed semesters.

MATH32091 had a different code in 2017/18 MATH39001.

MATH38161 is a new version of MATH38061 Multivariate Statistics new updated course description will be available from 1st July.

MATH32052 has changed semesters.

MATH35082 has a title change and changed semesters.

The list below will update after 1st July for 2018/19 academic year.

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