Mathematics and Statistics (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 3 Programme Structure

The 3rd year of this programme consists of 120 credits of optional course units. 100 credits must be taken from Level 3 (or Level 4 with permission) course unit options, including at least 80 credits of level 3 (or level 4 with permission) MATH options*. Up to 40 credits can be taken from the approved non MATH course units listed below and a maximum of 20 credits of Level 2 course units may be taken. 

*Note: The choice of MATH optional course units MUST include at least 60 credits of Level 3 (or Level 4 with permission) Probability and Statistics course units. (These consist of either course units that begin with the codes MATH37, MATH38, MATH47, MATH48, or a project in Probability or Statistics.)

The list below are course units available to year 3 students on this programme.  The level listed refers to the year, and therefore course units that start with a '2' for example BMAN21040 is a level 2 course unit module. Please check the timetables before selecting course units.

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