Mathematics and Statistics (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 2 Programme Structure

The 2nd year of this programme consists of 90 credits of MATH compulsory (a mandatory requirement) course units, all of which take place in semester 1 and 30 credits of MATH options in semester 2 to be chosen from the list below, totalling 120 credits.  

You may take outside course units up to a maximum of 20 credits in place of MATH course units with permission. If you wish to take a non MATH course unit in semester 1 you can do so by taking a 70:50 split or delaying MATH20201 and MATH20701 until the third year, however you will need to complete the appropriate form which is available here. To take an outside course unit you will need the permission from the Year Tutor and the appropriate form to be completed.

Appropriate outside options for this particular pathway include: BMAN10552, BMAN10621(B), BMAN10632. Note BMAN10621(B) is a pre-requisite for BMAN10632, and students who choose BMAN10621(B) it is recommended that they also take MATH20201 in semester 1 of year 2, taking a 70:50 split.

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