Mathematics and Philosophy (3 Years) [BSc]

Year 2 Programme Structure

The 2nd year of this programme consists of 30 credits of MATH compulsory (a mandatory requirement) course units, 30 credits of MATH optional course unit options and 60 credits of PHIL optional course units taken from the list below, totalling 120 credits.  Note you must choose at least one of the recommended Philosophy course units PHIL20232, PHIL20891, PHIL20241 and PHIL20212 for 2017/18 academic year.

Note: the list of course units below is for 2017/18 - Philosophy course units for 2018/19 have some small changes:

PHIL20232 Ethics will be running in semester 1 as PHIL20231.

PHIL20241 20th Century Analytical Philosophy will be running in semester 2 as PHIL20242.

PHIL20212 Locke, Berkeley & Hume will be running in semester 1 as PHIL20271.

The list below will update after 1st July for the academic year 2081/19.

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