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Mathematics 0B2

Unit code: MATH19812
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 1
Teaching period(s): Semester 2
Offered by School of Mathematics
Available as a free choice unit?: N




The course unit aims to provide a second semester course in calculus and algebra to students in Foundation Studies entering University with AS-level mathematics or equivalent.

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding: Be familiar with complex numbers, geometry, matrices, integration, simple ordinary differential equations and partial differentiation

Intellectual skills: Be able to carry out routine operations involving the topics in the syllabus

Transferable skills and personal qualities: Have a set of tools and methods that can be applied in the courses given in the host department or in subsequent years.

Assessment methods

  • Other - 20%
  • Written exam - 80%

Assessment Further Information

Coursework 1 (week 4 or week 5 and it will be week 5 in 2017/18 ). Weighting within unit 10%

Coursework 2 (week 10). Weighting within unit 10%

2 hour examination in semester 2. Weighting within unit 80%


4 lectures : Complex Numbers. Definition. Modules, argument and conjugate. Algebraic operations in Cartesian and polar form. Argand Diagram.

2 lectures: Geometry. Equations of straight lines and circles. Perpendicular and parallel lines.

6 lectures: Matrices. Definition. Addition, subtraction and multiplication by a scalar. Multiplication of two Matrices. Square Matrices. Inverse Matrices. Soloution of Equations. Determinants.

6 lectures: Further Integration/ODEs. Integration by substitution (x=g(u)). First-order ODEs. Separable Equations. Linear Equations and integrating factors.

4 lectures: Further/Partial Differentiation: Parametric and Implicit Differentiation. Partial Differentiation. Total Differentiation.

Recommended reading

BOSTOCK, L., & CHANDLER, S. 1981. Mathematics - the core course for A-level. Thornes, Cheltenham. (ISBN0859503062)

BOSTOCK, L., CHANDLER, S., & ROURKE, C. 1982. Further pure mathematics. Thornes, Cheltenham. (ISBN0859501035)

CROFT, T. & DAVISON, R, 2008. Mathematics for engineers: a modern interactive approach (3rd ed.) Pearson, Harlow.

Study hours

  • Lectures - 24 hours
  • Tutorials - 11 hours
  • Independent study hours - 65 hours

Teaching staff

Nikesh Solanki - Unit coordinator

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