Information on how to choose your optional course units

Students continuing to their second, third or fourth year of studies will need to select course unit options on the student system. Course unit selection will be open from 12pm (noon) on Friday 13th July and will close at 12pm (noon) on Monday 6th August. The system is closed for a three week period for administrative updates on course unit numbers, waiting lists, enrolment approvals and student allocations to scheduled tutorials, etc.

The publication of student personal timetables will be available in the ‘My Manchester’ student portal from the 20th August 2018.‌ A list of mathematic course unit modules with provisional schedules is available from the Schools timetabling website:

Course unit selection will then re-open during the first week in September until the end of week 2 of semester 1 and again at the beginning of semester 2 for a 2 week period. However it is recommended that you enrol onto course units for both semesters in July to make sure you get a place on your selected course unit options as popular course units do get filled quickly.

A list of course units which are now full is available here

CHECK LIST for a successful course unit selection    


Students are required to take a number of mandatory and optional course units as part of their programme of study. It is very important that you read through the programme requirements carefully as it is your responsibility to make sure you choose the correct optional course units.    These are listed by programme title on the school website ‘Course units offered’ for the current academic year:  It will be noted on these programme webpages any changes to the list of course units available for the coming year including a link to the document ‘Course Units for 2018/19 Academic Year’ with a duplicate copy in the Blackboard Study Module[1]. The programme structures will automtically updated from the 1st July.


The course units are split into two categories: mandatory course units and optional course units.  The mandatory course units you have to take as part of your programme and you will be automatically enrolled onto these before the 13th July.  The optional course units are a selection of free choice course units listed as part of your programme of study.  By clicking on the course unit code and title you can read further into the subject area and identify if you have done the pre-requisites. If you are not sure which area of mathematics you want to study then you can read up on the mathematical themes and additional useful information from previous students which are available in the study module.  

The School also has a feedback page which under useful links provides information on examination feedback, unit survey results, examination scaling, and lecturer’s responses to student comments from the course unit surveys. You may also find this information helpful in making your choices. You may need to login with your username and password to access the page.

If your programme requirement provides an opportunity to take an outside course unit then you may want to consider taking a University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL) course unit. Further details on these course unit modules along with other recommended outside course units are available from the study module1. However note some course units may need approval.


Make a note of the number of optional course unit credits for your programme so that you can plan an appropriate balance of course units for each semester i.e. 60 credits in semester 1 and 60 credits in semester 2[2].

Make a list of your chosen optional course units. Students are able to access ‘My Planner’ functionality on the student system by navigating their way from Self Service > Student Center > My Planner.  In ‘My Planner’ students can view a list of currently active course units and add them to an electronic list for your record. However, note the list of course units available will not be updated for the coming year until after the 1st July though the changes for 2018/19 are minor and only affect some level 3 course units.  You can amend your list in ‘My Planner’ at any time during your studies. A guide is available in the study module. Note: using ‘My Planner’ does not guarantee enrolment on the course units that process needs to be completed in course unit selection from the 13th July.

Once you have a list of optional course units you will need to check that the course units do not have a timetable clash[3]. The School's Timetabling website provides a list of schedules for all mathematics course units by year and will be available for the coming year from the 25th May. The majority of mathematics level 2 and 3 course units comprise 2 hours of lectures and a 1 hour tutorial and/or lab (typically for a 10 credit course unit). Some mathematics course units have a selection of tutorials scheduled, therefore in the first instance; students will be placed in a holding tutorial which is not scheduled. However, after the 6th August students will be allocated a tutorial that fits into their current timetabled components. Students will be informed by email and the times will appear on your personal timetable so when selecting course units please take note that you can accommodate one of the timetabled tutorials. Level 4 course units tend to comprise an extra lecture and/or tutorial to count for the extra credits. Note The time schedules may be subject to change due to lack of room availability or change in lecturer.

Some course units are capped due to the nature of the course assessment and fill quite quickly.  The most popular being MATH20812 which is a core module for a joint programme and only has around 40 places for all other mathematic students and MATH20622 which is capped at 100.  MATH36032 Problem Solving by Computer and MATH49111 Scientific Computing has limited places available.

The School does not encourage students to take course units that clash with each other as evidence shows that this does impact on a student’s overall performance.  The School has such a large selection of optional course units in the final years that they cannot fit together without some clashing. However, there are plenty to choose from and because of this the School has guidance for students who for certain reasons wish to take course units that clash. If you feel the need to take a course unit that clashes then please complete the course unit permission form, however note anything more than a 1 hour clash is normally not approved.


Some course units have restrictions on numbers or a separate approval process.

MATH30002 Mathematics Education course unit: This module is 100% assessment which means there is a limit on the number of places available.  Students interested in enroling onto this course unit will need to complete an on-line registration process whereby students will need to write no more than 100 words as to why they wish to take this course unit. The registration form is available here electronically. The application to register will open and close the same time as the course unit selection process. Once your application has been approved you will be informed by email before the academic year starts.  During the first lecture you will be asked to apply for a DBS (Disclosure Barring Services) check from the post office which you can be reimbursed for by completing a PR7 claim form available from reception in the Alan Turing building.

Level 3 undergraduate mathematics project: If you intend to take a 3rd year project module, MATH30000, MATH30011 or MATH30022, then you MUST complete a project registration form available on Blackboard under the MATHS3000 year module. Indicative project titles and supervisors are available on the undergraduate project webpage. Projects labeled with an asterisk have already been allocated to at least one MMath student and may have limited availability.  If you have queries about specific projects please contact the supervisor directly. The application to register for a project will open during course unit selection but will remain open until the end of week 1 of semester1.  Further details are available in the Undergraduate Project Guide.

Level 4 MMath project: Students in their fourth year have to take up a 30 credit mathematics project, MATH40000 (30 credit double project) or MATH40011 and MATH40022 (two 15 credit single projects).  There is a registration process for enrolling on these course units which is explained in detail in the Undergraduate Project Guide.

Outside course units: The Single Honours programmes allow students to choose a subject other than mathematics. A recommended list of outside course units is from the study module and at the end of this document. Students will need to check their programme requirements as to whether they can choose outside course units as part of their programme of study. Some joint honours programmes allow students to substitute a 10 credit Mathematics module for a 10 credit University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL) course unit. The UCIL course website currently lists course units for 2017/18, an updated list for 2018/19 is available towards the end of this document.  Note course units that belong to other Schools may open later than the 13th July therefore you will need to check with the other School when their course units are open. Updated information will be available on the appropriate mathematics website in due course.

Taking mathematics level 2 course units in the third year: Third Year students who are able to enrol onto MATH level 2 course units as part of their programme will need to complete a level 2 options form which is available here electronically until the end of week 1 semester 1. Please check the criteria of your programme of study before applying. The decision to enrol a third year student onto a MATH year 2 course unit will not take place until the majority of year 2 students have completed their course unit selections. Therefore we recommend that you enrol onto a level 3/4 course unit option which can be substituted for the level 2 course unit option and must be recorded on the form. Please make sure you check that there are no timetable clashes as it is not possible to enrol you onto a course unit that has a clash without approval.


Plan now while you have the opportunity to discuss your choices with your Academic Advisor, attend the information session listed below, make a list of your choices (utilize ‘My Planner’) so that when course unit selection opens from 12pm on Friday 13th July you are in a position to officially enroll on the student system.  Course unit selection closes at 12pm on Monday 6th August 2018

The Course Unit Information sessions ran on the following days:

Year 1 transition into year 2: Wednesday 25th April  with Nige Ray.

Year 2 transition into year 3: Wednesday 18th April with Sean Holman.

Year 3 transition into year 4: Wednesday 25th April with Martin Lotz.

If you missed these session, the presentation slides along with a podcast and/or video is available from the study module.  

How to select the course units from the student system

Once you have decided on your selection you will need to go to ‘My Manchester’ student portal, enter your username and password and login. Once you have logged in, click on the TOOLS tab and click on the STUDENT SYSTEM link. From here you will need to click on STUDENT CENTER and select ENROL. Further details on how to select your course units is available from A guide to adding your course unit selections on-line and in the study module1.

Note students will have been automatically enrolled onto mandatory course units, which you can view via the student system; therefore you only need to select ‘optional’ course units related to your programme of study. The scheduleds of classes in the student system are a duplication from the timetable so that the system prevents students from enrolling on course units that clash.

Once you have selected your course units, make sure to ‘confirm your selection’ as stated on the guide. In some cases the system may return an error stopping you from enrolling against a particular course unit. If this is the case then follow the instructions from the guide.

If the error states it is a timetable conflict then it means the course unit you are selecting clashes with a course unit you have previously added.  Therefore you will need to drop one of the course units, or seek approval. Any other errors not listed on the guide then please contact the School's Teaching and Learning Office, by emailing

If the course unit is full then you can request to be added to a waiting list by completing an on-line form.

Document links

Further Reading

Any problems or concerns with the process please contact the Teaching and Learning Office either by email: or via reception in the Alan Turing Building.

Any advice on what course units to choose please contact either your Academic Advisor or the Year Tutor (or for joint programmes the Programme Directors).

[1] Study Module refers to a blackboard environment that has useful information related to your year of study.  All students are mandatory enrolled onto the study module and therefore appears on your list of course units as MATHS2000, MATHS3000 or MATHS4000.

[2] Some joint programmes may require a 70/50 or a 50/70 split.

[3] The School does not encourage course unit clashes as evidence shows it does affect performance and therefore it is not recommended. However, students who specifically want to take two particular course units that clash for no more than 1 hour and have above average of 65% in the previous year may be considered.


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