Exam Feedback & Past Examination Papers 2015/16 - Semester 1


Course Unit Exam Feedback Exam Paper
MATH10101 Sets Numbers and Functions A MATH10101 MATH10101
MATH10111 Sets Numbers and Fuctions B MATH10111 MATH10111 
MATH10121 Calculus and Vectors A  MATH10121 MATH10121 
MATH10131 Calculus and Vectors B  MATH10131 MATH10131 
MATH10141 Probability 1  MATH10141  MATH10141 
MATH10951 Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science 1  MATH10951  MATH10951 
MATH20101 Real and Complex Analysis MATH20101 (Complex) MATH20101 
MATH20101 Real and Complex Analysis MATH20101 (Real) MATH20101 
MATH20111 Real Analysis MATH20111 MATH20111 
MATH20201 Algebraic Structures  MATH20201  MATH20201 
MATH20401 PDEs and Vector Calculus A MATH20401  MATH20401 
MATH20411 PDEs and Vector Calculus B  MATH20411  MATH20411 
MATH20701 Probability 2  MATH20701  MATH20701 
MATH20951 Financial Mathematics for Act Science 2  MATH20951  MATH20951 
MATH31011 Fourier Analysis  MATH31011  MATH31011 
MATH31051 Introduction to Topology   MATH31051 MATH31051 
MATH31061 Differntiable Manifolds  MATH31061  MATH31061 
MATH32001 Group Theory   MATH32001  MATH32001 
MATH32031 Coding Theory MATH32031  MATH32031 
MATH32051 Hyperbolic Geometry  MATH32051 MATH32051
MATH32071 Introduction to Number Theory MATH32071 MATH32071 
MATH33001 Predicate Logic MATH33001 MATH33001 
MATH34001 Applied Complex Analysis MATH34001 MATH34001 
MATH34011 Asymptotic Expansions & Perturnbation Methods MATH34011 MATH34011 
MATH35001 Viscous Fluid Flow MATH35001 MATH35001 
MATH35021 Elasticity MATH35021 MATH35021 
MATH36001 Matrix Analysis MATH36001 MATH36001 
MATH36041 Essential PDEs MATH36041 MATH36041 
MATH36061 Convex Optimization MATH36061 MATH36061 
MATH37001 Martingales with Applications to Finance  MATH37001 MATH37001 
MATH38001 Statistical Inference  MATH38001 MATH38001 
MATH38061 Multivariate Statistics MATH38061 MATH38061 
MATH38071 Medical Statistics MATH38071 MATH38071 
MATH38091 Statistical Computing MATH38091 MATH38091
MATH38141 Regression Analysis MATH38141 MATH38141 
MATH38181 Extreme Values and Financial Risk  MATH38181  MATH38181 
MATH38191 Statistical Modelling in Finance MATH38191 MATH38191 
MATH39001 Combinatorics and Graph Theory MATH39001 MATH39001 
MATH39511 Actuarial Models MATH39511 MATH39511 
MATH41011 Fourier Analysis MATH41011 MATH41011 
MATH41051 Introduction to Topology MATH41051 MATH41051 
MATH41061 Differentiable Manifolds MATH41061 MATH41061 
MATH42001 Group Theory MATH42001 MATH42001 
MATH42041 Noncommutative Algebra  MATH42041 MATH42041 
MATH42051 Hyperbolic Geometry MATH42051 MATH42051 
MATH42061 Representation Theory MATH42061 MATH42061 
MATH42071 Number Theory MATH42071 MATH42071 
MATH43001 Predicate Logic  MATH43001 MATH43001 
MATH43021 Set Theory MATH43021 MATH43021 
MATH43051 Model Theory MATH43051 MATH43051 
MATH44041 Applied Dynamical Systems MATH44041 MATH44041
MATH45061 Continuum Mechanics  MATH45061 MATH45061 
MATH46101 Numerical Linear Algebra  MATH46101 MATH46101
MATH47101 Stochastic Calculus  MATH47101 MATH47101 
MATH47201 Martingales Theory for Finance  MATH47201 MATH47201 
MATH48001 Statistical Inference  MATH48001 MATH48001 
MATH48011 Linear Models with Non Parametric Regression MATH48011 MATH48011 
MATH48061 Multivariate Statistics  MATH48061 MATH48061 
MATH48091 Statistical Computing MATH48091 MATH48091 
MATH48181 Extreme Values and Financial Risk MATH48181 MATH48181 
MATH48191 Statistical Modelling in Finance  MATH48191 MATH48191 
MATH61011 Fourier Analysis MATH61011 MATH61011 
MATH61051 Introduction to Topology MATH61051 MATH61051 
MATH61061 Differentiable Maifolds MATH61061 MATH61061 
MATH62001 Group Theory  MATH62001  MATH62001 
MATH62041 Noncommutative Algebra   MATH62041  MATH62041 
MATH62051 Hyperbolic Geometry  MATH62051  MATH62051 
MATH62061 Representation Theory  MATH62061  MATH62061 
MATH63001 Predicate Logic  MATH63001  MATH63001 
MATH63021 Set Theory MATH63021 MATH63021
MATH63051 Hyperbolic Geometry MATH63051 MATH63051
MATH64041 Applied Dynamical Systems MATH64041 MATH64041 
MATH65061 Continuum Mechanics MATH65061 MATH65061 
MATH64051 Mathematical Methods MATH64051 MATH64051 
MATH66101 Numerical Linear Analysis MATH66101 MATH66101 
MATH67101 Stochastic Calculus MATH67101 MATH67101 
MATH67201 Martingales Theory of Finance MATH67201 MATH67201 
MATH68001 Statistical Inference  MATH68001  MATH68001 
MATH68011 Linear Models & Non Parametic Regression MATH68011 MATH68011 
MATH68061 Multivariate Statistics MATH68061 MATH68061 
MATH68091 Statistical Computing MATH68091 MATH68091 
MATH68181 Extreme Values & Financial Risk MATH68181 MATH68181 
MATH68191 Statistical Modelling in Finance MATH68191  MATH68191 
MATH69511 Actuarial Models  MATH69511 MATH69511 
MATH69531 General Insurance MATH69531 MATH69531 
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