Coursework is assessed work done during the semester that counts towards the overall mark for a course unit. It may be an in-class test, an online test or a take home piece of work. Coursework dates and deadlines are released at the start of semester. Coursework marks and feedback should be returned to students within three working weeks of the test or deadline date. A coursework timetable will be made available outlining the deadlines, and when feedback should be returned.

Extension rules

Take home coursework that is handed in after the deadline without approved mitigating circumstances will be subject to a penalty. The mark awarded will reduce by 10 marks per day for 5 days (assuming a 0 -100 marking scale), after which a mark of zero will be awarded. 


First semester course units are examined in January and second semester course units are examined in May/June. Resit examinations take place in August. See section key dates for details.

You will receive your individual examination timetable several weeks before the examination period on My Manchester via the 'My Learning' tab. It is your responsibility to make sure you turn up to all your examinations at the correct time and in the correct room. Therefore students need to make sure they have made the correct travel arrangements in time for the examinations. Failure to read the timetable incorrectly, or incorrect travel time arrangements, is not an acceptable reason for absence.

The University makes every effort to avoid holding examinations on religious festivals. If you are unable to attend an examination for strict religious reasons you should notify the School’s Examinations Administrator Stephanie Keegan ( and complete an Examinations and Religious Observance Form. 

Examinations start at either 9:45am or 2:00pm. Students may enter an exam room up to 30 minutes after the start time. Any student who arrives after 30 minutes will be refused entry by the invigilator; if this happens you should contact the School of Mathematics (0161 275 5800) immediately.

You must take your Student University ID card to all examinations to confirm your identity.

Calculators may be used in some examinations and this will be specified in the rubric of the paper. Only calculators that cannot store text or transmit and receive information are allowed in University examinations. For full details see University Calculator Policy

It is a disciplinary offence to

• copy from an examination paper of another student or allow copying from your script
• introduce unauthorized materials such as books, notes into the examination room
• have information relevant to the examination written on your person or belongings
• be in possession of a mobile phone or other electronic device, except University approved calculators. However if you do need these in your posessession then you will be asked to place them under your chair in a plastic bag which is provided.

Disciplinary cases are reported to the University’s Student Discipline Committee. Penalties range from a reprimand, awarding a mark of zero for the assessment through to expulsion from the degree programme.

Students must expect to have examinations on two or more consecutive days and, potentially, have more than one examination within a single day. The University will try to ensure that instances of these events happening are as few as possible, but it is simply not possible to construct an examination timetable within the existing parameters that spreads all examinations out equally for all students. Further information on University examination guidelines can be found at

All marks will be made available on My Manchester after the end of semester meeting of the Board of Examiners.


Further information on examinations:

School policies

University guidelines:

Marks will be made available on My Manchester after the end of semester meeting of the Board of Examiners.

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